Phishing threat becomes even bigger

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Social engineering engulfs most companies today; the primary way to an individual is via a phishing email. It is easy, it can be sent from anywhere in the world, and as untrained employees many think it is an honest request they often do something foolish. I have said in the past that it is time to start assessing your Human Firewall, your employee, and help them understand right from wrong through security awareness. You will read in the articles below how and why phishing continues to be on the rise. Enjoy this edition of Phishing Insights.

Phishing- Now a Bigger Threat than Ever Before
The number of unique phishing sites soars up to an all time high, and Financial Services continue to be the most targeted sector. China is the most affected country, and USA remains the top-most nation hosting phishing-based Trojan. All this and more in the latest 1st Quarter ‘2012 Phishing Activity Trends Report… Read More

‘Spear phishing’ Fraud Hooks More Victims
Read why Spear phishing is more lucrative than just phishing. The article has a good info graphic on phishing versus spear phishing. The more interesting part is the last paragraph talking about a new anti-phishing initiative called Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance. Check it out

Phishing Bells (Featuring Galen Dole from the Yellow Jackets)
Phishing training for end-users has been mostly about power point presentations, nice posters and mailers. But most of them are forgotten in 1 day! So we are always on the look out for something interesting and something new. Watch the Video from the University IT at The University of Rochester which encourages everyone to be safe online this holiday season (Guess we are little early for this season or little late for last season).