Aujas Announces Phishnix

Cupertino, CA -- October 4, 2011 -- Aujas, a Global Information Risk Management Services company announced today the immediate availability of Phishnix, its Phishing Diagnostic Solution which proactively measures employees’ phishing awareness and helps fortify overall data security of an organization. Aujas Phishnix actually decreases the chance of users falling victims to social engineering and phishing attacks.

Hacking attacks are getting more sophisticated. High profile security breaches are becoming frequent across the globe. Aujas Phishnix diagnostics conducted on several thousand users revealed that, on average, 62% of the employees visited the phishing website and more than a third of them revealed sensitive information. As organizations strengthen their networks using technology, well meaning and unsuspecting employees are becoming the primary entry point for hackers.

"Targeted spear phishing attacks on employees, with the intent of extracting sensitive information, are becoming common. Proactively ensuring employee preparedness is a big challenge for organizations today. Aujas Phishnix tests the human vulnerability aspect in an organization." says Sameer Shelke, COO and co-founder of Aujas.

Security problems that have a non-technical aspect cannot be controlled by technology. Employees need to be vigilant and firms need to stay one step ahead of the innovations of the hackers and keep the employees informed. Aujas Phishnix enables organizations to evaluate the readiness of employees against such social engineering attacks. It goes beyond evaluation and delivers prioritized remediation plan to mitigate possible threats due to these attacks.

In an independent survey conducted at CIO & IT Security Forum 2011, companies chose Aujas amongst the top 5 most requested information risk management service providers."We’re getting a good response from the market and have already signed up many clients. The new California office plus our existing presence in New Jersey will help us work with new clients and partners and establish a higher level support and commitment. We’re delighted that our efforts to expand and reach out to companies seeking help on information security are showing results," added Karl Kispert, VP of Sales and Business Development.


About Aujas

Phishnix is a Phishing Diagnostic Solution which enables organizations to enhance their security posture against social engineering attacks by providing comprehensive user behavioral analysis. Phishnix is powered by Aujas, a Global Information Risk Management (IRM) services company. Aujas help clients manage risk and enhance information value through excellence and innovation. For more information, visit You can reach us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 1 855 PHISHNX.