What is Phishnix?

Phishnix is a social engineering solution that assess and trains employees on the risks of phishing. Phishnix will work with you to develop a phishing scenario that is realistic and relative to your organization. This scenario will be sent out to employees and Phishnix will track how the employees respond. This provides organizations with a view of their human firewall and insight into where the vulnerabilities exist within the human firewall. Phishnix further leverages the teaching moment created based on the user's response and generate an action plan that can be implemented to avoid future pitfalls. Phishnix helps your organization to build the first line of defence by increasing an employee's awareness to phishing; thus Phishnix plays a vital role in an organization's anti-phishing strategy.

Social engineering and phishing have become major concerns for businesses across the world. Spear phishing attacks have become so refined and are difficult to identify and avoid. These attacks target unsuspecting users who provide ammunition to the phishers by their actions, regardless of whether the users share sensitive information or not. Such sophisticated attacks help reveal sensitive information to malicious outsiders. Targeted information can range from private data (customer, health, credit or other personal data) to corporate data (trade secrets, business plans or sales forecasts). Phishing attacks have a negative impact on a company's brand and reputation. They can potentially lead to significant financial losses in the future due to lost customer trust and decline in shareholder value. All it takes is for one employee to fall prey to a single phishing attack.

While current products and services may address the "process and technology" aspect of security, few solutions adequately address 'people risk'. The recent trend has been an incident-based reactive approach toward phishing. However, when it comes to preparing employees against phishing attacks, corporations still face an uphill battle.