The Phishnix Cloud Platform and integrated suite of solutions enable organizations to simplify the process and helps them to build the first line of defense by increasing employee's awareness to phishing. It plays a vital role in organization's anti-phishing strategy.

Phishnix Cloud Services helps you in doing a Behavioral Analysis of users against phishing attacks. It simulates a phishing attack and captures user's potential reaction to a real attack. Phishnix leverages the teaching moment and based on the user's response trains the user.


  • Ready cloud solution. No product deployment needed. No software!
  • Ready scenarios available. Select your scenario and start assessment
  • Assess as many times as needed, no limits


  • Evaluate phishing controls for organization
  • Benchmark employees' security awareness
  • Formulate, modify and fine-tune security measures
  • Educate users effectively, by leveraging the "Teaching moment"
  • Includes phishing assessment, control validation and education


Phishnix Cloud Platform Architecture

The Phishnix Cloud Platform consists of a suite of analysis and security awareness solutions that leverage shared and extensible core services and a highly scalable multi-tenant cloud infrastructure.

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I am interested, what do I do next?

Phishnix Cloud is as easy as contacting us and letting us know your preferences about when you would like to get started. As soon as we hear from you, we will take care of setting up your account on Phishnix Cloud Platform. Once the account is setup, you can use pre-built scenarios to start phishing exercise for employees.

A simulated phishing attack can then be launched by you at the predefined target audience. The organization can either opt for email based attack vector or the more sophisticated targeted spear phishing attack with attachment based scenarios. Phishnix tracks their responses, analyzes their social behavior and generates a detailed report. This detailed report provides insight into the overall health of the "human firewall". You may later follow up with action plans that leverage the teaching moment during this exercise.

trial versionContact us to schedule a quick Phishnix Cloud Trial Version for your company!