The Challenge

Anti Phishing GraphPhishing is a criminal strategy employing both social engineering and technical deception in order to steal personal, identity and financial data. Social engineering schemes usually use hoax e-mails claiming to be from legitimate businesses and lead recipients to counterfeit websites. These sites are designed to trick individuals into disclosing sensitive data including usernames and passwords.

While several solutions are available to protect from technology attacks, the two most vulnerable areas remain the people and process. A strategic Phishing attack specifically targets these two areas. Attackers are well aware that these are the most difficult zones to guard.

Imagine mimicking a Phishing attack within your organization and measuring how your people and process respond. Based on the findings, you could design remedial measures to alleviate Phishing risks, educate people and modify processes. The process would reduce the risk of a genuine, future attack.


Aujas Phishnix

Anti Phishing ToolAujas Phishnix is an automated tool installed internally within the organization, tailored with information about people, processes and technology. A customized Phishing attack is then launched at the target audience and Phishnix tracks their responses. Social behaviors towards the attack are analyzed and a detailed report is then generated.

Aujas Phishnix provides statistics on user behavior, measures security awareness among employees, identifies data leakage, assesses Data Loss Prevention (DLP) programs and tests the incident response program.

When the test is over, a personalized e-mail is sent to each individual, informing him or her about their responses and what should be the ideal action. In addition, an e-learning module further educates the user on security awareness.

Organizations can diagnose risks for specific divisions as well as for their entire business. Ongoing compliance can be monitored within the risk management framework.

Anti Phishing Methodology
Anti Phishing Report


  • Helps understand user behavior and effectiveness of the People controls across the enterprise
  • Assists organizations quantify the potential risks from social engineering
  • Provides flexible reporting capabilities with integration back into the organization's key performance indicator framework
  • Provides a road map for building security awareness and training within the organization
  • ldentifies weakness within People, Process and Technology links, allowing prioritization of remediation efforts through effective benchmarking and maturity analysis
  • Generates a "Teaching Moment" that provides a safe, customized learning experience to users – resulting in increased employee awareness and knowledge that helps protect the sensitive information entrusted to them.